Well, it looks like a lot of posts already went missing. Is there any other media to receive your great daily wallpaper supply?

It looks like Tumblr’s just kind of really broken right now…

I still see all (or at least most?) of my posts in the dashboard, and scrolling down on wallpaperaday.tumblr.com still shows a bunch of posts, but the archive only has ~140 posts in it. On top of that, all the posts that got flagged got moved to the top.

Importing into other sites also seems to be broken, at least for me, so that’s delaying a potential move. I think I have a plan that’ll work out well for a lot of people, but it’ll take a bit to test out and implement. Currently, the plan is a combination of Twitter and Reddit for those that just want a post to show up in their social media feed on a daily basis, plus a WordPress blog to be a more permanent posting/archival spot since neither Twitter nor Reddit work too well for that.

That’s still all just a plan, though, so that could change. I’ll still be posting here daily in the meantime.

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