A Quick Clarification

(Hopefully the last post of this type for a while to stop distracting from the point of this blog)

It occurs to me now that I didn’t phrase my earlier posts as well as I could have, and it might have sounded like I’m planning on abandoning this in favor of other platforms. So, to be extremely clear: I have no intention of deleting or leaving this blog behind. Among other things, that would be unfair to all of you to suddenly run off somewhere else. I’ll stick around here until I’m actually prevented from posting.

However, I will still be looking to host the blog’s content in parallel on other services since it’s unclear how much the automated filter will affect posting and it’s always good to have a backup (something I admittedly should have done long before now). I suspect the filter will be an occasional annoyance that might prevent some posts from being published, but that’s just a guess. At the very least, using additional services might be preferable for some of you who prefer another platform over Tumblr.

Well, it looks like a lot of posts already went missing. Is there any other media to receive your great daily wallpaper supply?

It looks like Tumblr’s just kind of really broken right now…

I still see all (or at least most?) of my posts in the dashboard, and scrolling down on wallpaperaday.tumblr.com still shows a bunch of posts, but the archive only has ~140 posts in it. On top of that, all the posts that got flagged got moved to the top.

Importing into other sites also seems to be broken, at least for me, so that’s delaying a potential move. I think I have a plan that’ll work out well for a lot of people, but it’ll take a bit to test out and implement. Currently, the plan is a combination of Twitter and Reddit for those that just want a post to show up in their social media feed on a daily basis, plus a WordPress blog to be a more permanent posting/archival spot since neither Twitter nor Reddit work too well for that.

That’s still all just a plan, though, so that could change. I’ll still be posting here daily in the meantime.

Your AI is bad and you should feel bad

I was planning to ignore the recent Tumblr news about adult content being banned since it shouldn’t affect this blog. However, after scrolling through all my posts and seeing how many have been wrongfully flagged (apparently Genji is too lewd for whatever machine learning model they trained for this), continuing the blog on this site will likely be stupidly annoying.

I would like to continue this, so I’m looking into alternative hosting solutions. In the meantime, content should still be posted here daily. I’ll update in another post once I’ve found another solution I’m happy with.

While I doubt it’ll happen, if Tumblr decides to reverse their decision or at least make their AI vaguely competent, I’ll stick around here.