Day 2670: Various

Thanks to the magic of Google Calendar, I once again remembered the blog’s anniversary. Today marks 7 years of doing this, so as usual, here are a few reposts of some of my favorites from the past year.

Kantai Collection by 太もも (1440p version)

Fate/Grand Order by torino (1440p version)

Girls’ Frontline by Silence Girl (1440p version)

Original Artwork by 粉帮老大 (1440p version)

Original Artwork by たにし (1440p version)

Thanks again to everyone who’s followed me or otherwise interacted with the blog(s).

Snapshot of mildly interesting stats:

96,716 Tumblr followers (??? on WordPress)

11,342 wallpapers in 276 directories/folders

20.4 GB of images

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